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pH balance is vital, let us help

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Water testing is an essential part of keeping your pool balanced, clear, and ready to use.  Follow our list of strategies to help you through this process.

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-  Have your water circulating for the most accurate test

-  Rinse the sample vial 3 times with pool water as a pre-test

-  All samples should be in the top 18 inches of water

-  Keep water between 60-80 degrees F.

-  Perform tests immediately after taking the sample

-  Ensure that all regents are fresh

-  Keep all chemicals and regents out of reach of children

-  Call us for more tips and details!

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Pool water chemistry 101

If you are struggling with keeping your pool or spa water balanced, call us today.  We will be happy to talk with you about it or even come to your house to help you through the process.

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